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Super Hot Sale Item-Inloveart Pine Cones Metal Cutting Dies

Aug 18, 2021ke Feng

Greetings, Inlovearts friends. It’s Elsa Kerber here with you. It’s August 18th, a cool day in late summer. Can you believe September is coming soon? Thinking of that, it occurs to me that Christmas Theme should probably begin to fire its bullets and Ignite our passion to celebrate this one of the most popular festival. So I’m ready to use this creative cutting die-Inloveart Pine Cones Metal Cutting Dies to welcome this amazing festival in my way.

I just want keep the style of the card simple and related closely to the festival. So let’s roll to the the creation of this beautiful card.

First, get cutting machine ready and check whether there is something wrong with it. If everything is perfect, use it to cut two pine cones with the Inloveart Pine Cones Metal Cutting Dies. You just need to fit the mold tightly to the paper so that the pine cones model made will not be uneven. Then, I painted brown on this cutting but the coloring places have different shades to make the paper more layered to look like more real. 

Meanwhile, I began to deal with the paper of card. Just cut the suitable-size paper and make sure the edge is clean and smooth. Then, color this card with creamy-white and place the black and white ribbon in the middle of the card. Finishing this, I use the glue to stick the already made pine cones cutting on the card and put some cypress branches and thin bow tie to the pine cones. And, I glued three small beads on the top left and bottom right of the card. Finally get it done, Yeah.

This beautiful card is created this way. It will only take at most one and half hour for you to make it. Less time but more efficient, isn’t it? Can’t wait to make your own Christmas Theme greeting card with the Inloveart Pine Cones Metal Cutting Dies, right? Go get it now.

You are welcomed to share your making with us and thank you for watching this. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and we will keep you posted. See you next time!

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