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Exquisite Cutting Dies Relevant to Traveling : Airplane, Suitcase, and Travel Word Dies

Aug 17, 2021ke Feng

Good morning, Summer is flying by so quickly, I want to embrace every minute of the warm weather and sunshine. In that spirit, today I invite the designer of the Airplane, Suitcase, and Travel Word Metal Cutting Dies to share the story of her design. Let’s applause for her.

Hello, Elliot Anderson here with you and so glad that I can have a chance to tell you guys about my favorite design.

I think most of us enjoy traveling, right? Especially when we are tired or upset in our work or our life. Everyone wants an exclusive place just for themselves to relax and enjoy life’s beauty.

The cutting dies I design are made up of an airplane, a suitcase, and the“Travel” word. Airplane stands for our desire to fly to our wonderland; Suitcase, our preparation for the trip and “Travel” word, our inner need to refresh ourselves and courage to go to unfamiliar cities.

We all need to deal with our stress and continue our life, whatever it does to us. As many people want from the bottom of heart, this world is so big and so wonderful that I must see for it.

Why not take a trip without a plan? We can go anywhere and enjoy the unknown scenery. That’s an unforgettable experience, isn’t it?

I want to hear your story of traveling and hope these stories can bring us warmth and happiness. Although we are still in the shadow of COVID-19, we will not be overthrown by this disaster, will not give up our yearning for a better life, and will not forget the meaning of our lives. Let’s hold faith and go ahead on our path to a fabulous future.

After the epidemic is over, maybe we will meet on the way of travel, haha.

Thanks for reading my tirade and hope this product can bring good effects to you. You can use this item to create your own greeting cards and your own stories. Can’t wait to see them.

Thank you, Eliot, for sharing so much with us. We all enjoy your work and hope to have it. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and we will keep you posted. See you next time!

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