Designer Recruitment

Dear Friends,

The recruitment of Inloveart designers is beginning!

As long as you are interested in art and you want to increase your daily income, welcome to join our design team to provide your unique and creative designs.

Become our die or stamp designer.
In order to ensure the innovation of our products, we have been recruiting die stamp designers. As long as you can draw, AI and love paper art, please contact us and we will pay for your design. Contact us with email

Become our Tutorial, Image and Blog Creator.

  • Provide us with pictures of your finished products, tutorial videos or blog and share the story between you and us on your social media, As long as your work or your social media interaction meets our standards, You can become our ambassador, you will get free gifts of $30-60 per month and give Exclusive discounts for your fans. 
  • If your fans and interactions reach a certain standard, we can also provide you with a commission. For details, please contact us with email

Want more ways to collaborate? Please contact us, let us achieve win-win cooperation