Member Points Policy

Hello dear friends, you are welcome to become our member, Join us and earn points, through which you can redeem free coupons, free gifts, free gift cards and more.

Tips: Points will be cleared and recalculated on October 31st

How to earn points?
You can get a certain amount of points by registering, subscribing, following us, sharing, placing an order and your birthday. The specific points are as follows:


What can the points be redeemed for?
Currently, points can be redeemed for free coupons up to $30, as well as free gifts. The specific redemption policies are as follows:


How to earn and use points?

1.After clicking Reward, the following pop-up window will appear. Click Earn Points to see how to earn points.

2.Complete tasks and earn points.

3.Redeem points for gifts

4.The gift will be automatically sent to your account, you can check your discount code through My rewards

5.Use your discount code to place your order now!

Want to know how to use the discount code? Click here to learn more.