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New Blog With Super Creative Design With DMSP3DY466

Jan 05, 2022ke Feng

Salute, crafty friends. We all can feel that the cold is approaching us, and the smell of winter is getting stronger and stronger (friends in the southern hemisphere are on the contrary, haha). We are still working hard to make better die products with better creativity. This product recommended to you today is our latest creative 3D Dies - Inloveartshop Sika Deer in Woods of Silent Night Pop up Cutting Dies. To be honest, this is my favorite product among the latest new arrivals (say sorry to the other new arrivals, haha). Should stop talking and start to get into the topic.

The design of this cutting dies is based on the theme of Christmas and Animals. The product consists of three tree dies, star and moon dies, striped road dies, and two Sika deer dies. The finished product is a pop-up card, which is very exquisite.

The inspiration of the design comes from my own personal experience and is designed after some imagination and supplementation. One evening, I was walking in the woods near my home. The surroundings were very quiet. There were occasional rustling noises from the wind blowing on the leaves, as well as the sounds of some small animals. I wandered, enjoying the fun of being alone. Suddenly, I heard the sound of something jogging through the wood. I was very curious and followed the sound.

I saw a female Sika deer sniffing back and forth in the grass not far away, as if looking for food, walking and stopping sometimes. At this time, I heard something on the right side, and found that another male Sika deer came here. He saw her, stopped and looked at her quietly. I turned my head and found that she was also looking at him. They just looked at each other silently, without any more movement.

Tonight, the moon is high above the sky, the starry sky is still shining, and this wonderful scene in the forest makes me intoxicated. I also tried my best not to make any noises, for fear of disturbing them. I can't see what they look like, let alone their eyes, but I still believe that their eyes must have the light, surprise or doubt. In this forest, this kind of adventure made me think about it always. Imagine that after they meet each other, they walk towards this dark and quiet woods together and live a happy life (too romantic, haha).

This reminds me of William Wordsworth’s I wandered lonely as a cloud. The poet also encounters beautiful scenes while wandering in nature, and creates exquisite poems with his own experience and feelings. I don’t have the wonderful writing style of a poet, but I just want to express my true feelings and hope to share this interesting story with you.

We created this cutting dies through this experience and the cards we made have some mysterious atmosphere, showing the spirituality of animals and the harmonious beauty of nature. We hope you can like this idea and create your own cards. We look forward to your work and welcome to tell us your inspiration. Thank you for watching.

Thank you for being with us and hope you can have fun. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our blog, we will notify you in time. See you next time!

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