Inlovearts Distress Oxide Spray Kit (10 colors)


Versatile Crafting Medium: The Ranger Distress Oxide Spray offers a versatile crafting experience, allowing you to create stunning effects on various surfaces.
Blendable and Reactive Formula: Experience the magic of easy blending and reactive properties with this Distress Oxide Spray. The unique formula reacts with water.
Precision Application: The spray bottle design ensures precise application, giving you control over the intensity and coverage of the oxide spray. Create fine mists for subtle backgrounds.
Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy the longevity of your crafted pieces with the Distress Oxide Spray. Once applied and dried, the colors remain vibrant and true, providing a lasting impact on your projects.

Tips: The price is only for one color. (click the blank to view which one you want to choose)