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About the card:

Pop up cards are surely a great way to surprise and greet your loved one. A 3D pop up card not only dazzles the person but also make your wishes stand out from the pack. We make sure to provide enticing Pop up Greeting Cards to your loved ones they will never forget. We have a towering selection of captivating 3D pop up cards that are more than just a present, in fact they are long lasting memories worth cherishing.

Every Greeting Pop Up 3D card is painstakingly handcrafted and reflects pure emotions. Whether you want to send birthday wishes, congratulate someone on the promotion or want to express your love to someone, we’ve rounded up all for you. If you are looking to Buy Cool 3D Cards,   Greeting Pop Up Card is the right one for you!


  • 【 HIGH QUALITY 】This card has been made using the best quality art paper with craftsmanship to match. The pop-up design is laser cut and carefully assembled by hand for a perfect finish.
  • 【 PACKAGING INCLUDED 】Each card comes packaged in its own individual poly bag. A perfectly sized blank envelop is included with the card so you can ship it off to the recipient right away.
  • 【 PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS 】This 3D pop-up card is suitable for all occasions. Use it to send birthday or anniversary greetings, congratulate a loved one on their wedding or graduation, send your wishes on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day or Christmas, or help someone feel better with a ‘get well soon’ surprise.


A 3D greeting card carefully designed and assembled by hand, comes with an envelope to hold it.


The card measures 9.05 in x 6.3 in when folded flat.