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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms & Conditions

In this section, we hope to answer your questions. If, after reviewing this section, your question is still not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have. We will have a response back to you ASAP during normal working hours.

  1. How do I register an account?

Here are the right steps to register on our website:
①. Click “Register”if you use the computer.
Click "My Account" if you use the phone
②. Click " Create your Account" as below:

③. Fill all the required information below, and click “Create Account”
Note: You should also check the box at the bottom.
Then you will register successfully.

  1. What should i do if i forgot my passward?

You can click “My account”--"Recover Password" to Reset it.

  1. How to subscribe to the website to get 30% discount?

After entering our website, you can see this like the picture below. Then you can fill in your e-mail address and click the REVEAL MY CODE. Then you can get the discount code you can use in your order.

  1. How do I place an order?

Here are the steps to place an order: ①. Register an account on our website and add the address information of your account;
②. Put the products you like in the cart;
③. Click "My Cart" --”CHECKOUT”to place the order.
We can accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card as payment methods.     

5. What payment methods can I use?

We can accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card as payment methods. The card that can make payments are VISA Card, Master Card, American Express Card, JCB Card, Discover Card.                                                                                       

  1. Shipping fees and free shipping condition

If you place an order over $25 after discount, it will be free shipping for you; if less than $25, we will charge you $3.99 for shipping cost.     

7. Do you ship internationally?

 Inloveartshop is a Chinese owned company and we ship to almost all countries in the world.                                                                                                   

  1. How long will it take to ship and arrive after placing an order?

It will take 2-4 days to get the goods and sort them out to be shipped. And it will take 7-20 days for you to get it after shipping. 

9. How can I know the logistics status of my order?

Here are two ways to check the status of your order:

①.Clicking “My Account”--”My Orders”to check it;

②.Copy the tracking number of your order and check it.


10. What is your discount policy?

①Every order can use a 15% discount on the whole site, open to everyone, unlimited times;

②There is a 30% discount for new users who register or subscribe to our website, only once.

③The wholesale discount policy is included in the About Inloveartshop-Wholesale for you to know about.   

11. Can I make any changes to my order And how?

Yes. Just submit a ticket or feel free to send  an email  to if you want to make any change to your order including cancel or add items, change the delivery method etc. We will do it for you.

12. How do you handle Out of Stock Items after I place an order?

 For the goods unavailable temporarily, we will provide some similar products for you to choose replacements. There are some other options if you don't like the products we choose for you.

A. You can choose replacement yourself and email us;
B. We can ship them to you with your next order when get them restocked;
C. We can send you these goods as soon as we get them ready.
D. You can cancel the goods unavailable and we will credit you for them. Then you can use your credit for your next order.
E. We can refund you for these goods unavailable.

13. What can I do if I could not find the goods on your website?

If the goods you can not find were on one of our website previously, they may have been removed from Inloveartshop when they became unavailable. That's why you can not find them anymore.

If the goods you can not find are the new ones, please email us the details and we will source them for you. 

14. Are all your products available in stock?

Our stock changes every day. and we can't guarantee all the products are in stock.

  1. Can I use your pictures or descriptions on my facebook, Instagram or Affiliates etc?                                                                               

Yes, you can use product pictures and product descriptions from Inoveartshop freely, provided they are used appropriately in the context of your reselling or Affiliate activities.                       

If you feel you can give us suggestions to improve the product descriptions, we are always grateful to hear your feedback!.
Likewise, we are grateful if you have improved product photographs and are willing to share them (in lower resolution formats) with Inloveartshop and our other members.                                                                

  1. What if the goods arrive damaged?

If your package shows breakage on receipt, attempt to open it in the presence of the driver or at least bring it to his/her attention when signing for the item. If possible, try to obtain a photograph of the damaged package. And also, you need to weigh the packages you received in case some items dropped out during transport from the damaged package. Contact us immediately and retain all packaging materials. Meantime, call the delivery company and tell them about the breakage etc.                                                                                                     

17. Why I can't get your email responses?

Please check the SpamGuard setting of  your email box. Sometimes, we may miss emails from our customers. However, no message sent from your account to our website will be missed.

  1. How to use Coupon?

Click the link to know how to use the Coupon-

  1. Do you sell wholesale?

①. To become a New Wholesale Customer Only you are interested in our products or your business must have a brick and mortar store location and sell products that complement our collection.

②. Order Value

If you place order over $39-$99, you can get 16% discount, code: W16;

If you place order over $99-$149, you can get 20% discount, code: W20; 

If you place order over $149-$200, you can get 25% discount, code: W25;         

If you place order over $200-$400, you can get 30% discount, code: W30;         

If you place order over $400-$600, you can get 35% discount, code: W35;         

If you place order over $600-$1000, you can get 40% discount, code: W40;       

If you place order over $1000-$1500, you can get 45% discount, code: W45;     

If you place order over $1500, you can get 50% discount, code: W50.

  1. What Customer Support help do you offer?

Customer support is very important to us and our goal is to provide fair and timely customer support for every customer. If you are unhappy with any products please contact us so we can arrange a replacement, refund, or other appropriate resolution. Please be assured we will work with you to find an equitable solution in the event of a problem.

  1. Is Inloveartshop a secure site?

Inloveartshop is very concerned about site security on the Internet today. That is why we have made sure that we have followed and surpassed all industry standards necessary for a secure site. These include encrypting all data that you give to us, processing your credit card information in a safe and responsible manner, and not sharing any information that has been given to us by you, our customers.

In line with our strict security policy we also offer a wide range of payment options including Bank Transfer, Afterpay ( over $100 ), Cheque, Money Order, and even the option to 'Call us with Card Details', where you can finalise your order and call us with your credit card number.
We want you to feel confident when ordering from Inloveartshop and we are doing everything we can to continue to operate a secure site. If you have any other questions concerning site security, please feel free to e-mail us at Customer Service.

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