Angel Policies

Inlovearts Angel Policies

If you are thinking about selling handmade cards or crafts, it's important that you understand the copyright and terms of use policy of the company that created the designs you are using. These are called an “Angel Policy”.


What is an Angel Policy?

An Angel Policy is usually a clearly written set of terms of use found on the website of brands that sell dies, stamps, or other crafts. it is a license specifically aimed at crafters who wish to sell handmade cards and crafts for charity or profit.

The list of terms clearly states what you can and can't do when it comes to using their stamps on your handmade cards, specifically when it comes to selling cards whether for profit or for charity.

We welcome interested artists to use various items from us or from others to design their personal works in their own handmade crafts and produce and sell them. Unless stated in other official writing, we grant you a license to use our company’s products that you have purchased or currently own to create crafts for sale, under the following conditions:

  1. All Inlovearts designs are protected by copyright and cannot be copied without permission. Every handicraft created for sale must be hand-made into a tangible medium by the selling artist yourselves, and may not be copied, imitated, or substantially altered in any form, including photocopying. It is strictly forbidden to sell handicrafts without substantial creation, mass production, assembly-line construction, production by hired workers.
  1. Finished, hand-made crafts can be sold on festivals, competitive and non-competitive retail locations, temporary craft events, online craft markets (such as ETSY), community fundraising events, and the Internet. When selling handicrafts, the seller must clearly state that these items are handmade and are not products of or related to us or any of our licensors.
  1. Those who participate in the production and sale of handmade products are responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses and complying with any state and local commercial and tax laws and assume all responsibilities and obligations

We do not limit the number of artworks or crafts for sale that comply with these restrictions and conditions. And if there is another question, please contact us at