Paper Quilling Strips Set Paper with 36 colors 4320strips (Width 5mm Length 54cm)

Style: Black(5 packs)
Sale price$9.99


  • Inloveartshop Paper Quilling Strips Set
  • SKU:HKCLL844
  • Paper quilling kits : 36 colors,4320 Strips. 120 paper quilling strips in one package.
  • 6 color series: black/red/purple/blue/green/yellow quilling papers, enrich your craft color.
  • Quilling paper size: width 5mm (approx. 0.2 inch) , length 54cm(approx 21.2 inch) , the most popular and practical size.
  • 120gsm(approx 4.23 oz) good quality quilling paper. Not too flimsy and not too stiff, smoothly to roll.

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