Inloveart Mini Die Cutting Machine Manual Embossing Tools Good for Arts & Crafts, Card Making (Purple)

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Material: Plastic + Alloy
Model Number: HGCLL0459D000
Product weight: 1200g
Product size:8.46*4.53*3.54 inches
Product packaging size: 21.5*11.5*9cm (8.6*4.6*3.6 inches)
Color: Purple

Package Included: 
1 X Paper Cutting Embossing Machine 
2 X Plastic Cushion Plates
(Plastic plate size: 158*76 mm/6.22*2.99in, Thickness 3mm/0.12in and 4mm/0.16in)
1 X Manual 

About product:
Excellent quality embosser and die cut machine with a built in suction system ,sturdy and durable.
Works well with any standard Wafer thin/etched dies, embossing folders, texture plates, and contour steel rule dies.
Cuts and embosses lots of materials including tissue paper, foils, acetate ribbon, thin leather, and more.
4 Suction Cups-4 suction cups on the bottom will help the machine stick firmly to a smooth work surface.

Please note:
1.Due to different monitor , the picture color maybe have a little different from real color.
2.Please allow 1-3cm measurement deviation due to manual measure.

Instructions for use:
1. Prepare die cutter, pad and paper
2. Hold the knurling machine with one hand, and turn the handle with the other hand, so that the pad knife module passes through the knurling machine completely.
3. If the pattern of the knife mold is too complex and the cutting effect is not good, please add a thin paper card above the A backing plate.

Fault handling:
The knurling machine must be placed on a flat workbench; the knurling operation can only be performed after the standby unit is stable. Maximum knurled size
In theory, it is possible to cut patterns that are less than or equal to the length and width of the backplane
Applicable knife type
Refer to the thickness (g) of the paper to be cut to select the corresponding blade
Not completely cut during knurling
1. Adjust the cutting pressure appropriately according to the thickness of the cutting material;
2. Check whether the backplane is in good condition; if the backplane is damaged, it will affect the use; replace the backplane in time;
3. Reduce the speed of the rocker arm; shake the rocker arm at a constant speed;
4. Check whether the blade is not sharp; if the blade is damaged, please replace the blade in time.
Abnormal noise during knurling
1. Check the combined thickness of the back plate and the knife plate;
2. Light shaker; check whether the internal parts fall off and contact after-sales
Note that when the total thickness of the bedknife module is too thick to pass the knurling machine; do not force the operation; so as not to damage the knurling machine; the parts that have passed need to shake the rocker arm in the opposite direction to exit the knurling machine.

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