Inlovearts Circle Lace Frame Metal Cutting Dies

Style: DMSPFM0013
Sale price$5.00


Inlovearts Dies:

Approximate size:100*100 mm
Material: Carbon steel

This metal cutting die?includes five different plants?shapes, you can buy separately or in complete sets. You are free to match and create different possibilities. They will effectively help you make handicrafts?and meet your different production needs.It ¡®s helpful to enrich your handicraft details.

Inlovearts cutting dies products guarantee the following:

High Quality.

Carbon steel material, high hardness, good wear resistance, can be used?for a long time.

The Pattern Details Are Clear.

Help you accurately complete the design of card making and other handicrafts.

The Operation is As Simple As Possible.

Allows you to complete the cutting more quickly and effectively.

Adapt to Most Die Cutting Machines.

If there are special products, we will specify them additionally.


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