Cute Retro Natural Series Pendants Set

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Please note that The following material package materials have random colors and patterns. We will adjust the colors and patterns according to the new products uploaded by InLovearts.

Brand Name: Inloveart
Model Number: SCB0010028

Package includes:
Oval alloy base pendant:   35x23mm*1pcs
Plating ancient bronze tailoring machine simulation jewelry small pendant:     11x14mm *1pcs
Bronze Maple Leaf Pendant:         20mmx19mm*1pcs
Bronze hollow palm pendant:       42mmx27mm*1pcs
Bronze leaf jewelry accessories:    60mmx28mm *1pcs
Bronze key pendant:                     29mmx10mm*1pcs
Bronze musical instrument pendant:   40mmx22mm*1pcs
Bronze rudder:     25mmx20mm*1pcs
Bronze seahorse pendant:    56mmx30mm*1pcs
Bronze leaf pendant:    35mmx9mm*1pcs
Bronze sailboat pendant:   22mmx17mm*1pcs

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